Nassir Little: "Be so good nobody can ignore you"

Nassir Little: "Be so good nobody can ignore you"

(Editor’s Note: The News & Observer reported that the conversation below, initiated by their reporter, Jonathan Alexander, was not initially intended to be published, but Little later gave his consent for the comments to be reported. Argyle Report misinterpreted Alexander’s question during the interview, and the initial publication of the audio did not reflect this fact. The story has been updated to reflect this. Argyle Report regrets the error.)

Nassir Little has seen ESPN’s coverage post-Duke game, and he has seen the way UNC is viewed compared to their peers, and he has some thoughts.

Post-game following UNC’s win over Florida State on Saturday, Argyle Report’s Jack Leland and the Raleigh News & Observer’s Jonathan Alexander were interviewing Nassir Little about his 18-point performance off the bench, his two highlight reel dunks, when the conversation turned to Little’s thoughts on how the sports media, but mainly ESPN, covers UNC, Duke, and his friend Zion Williamson.

For those of you on mobile, here’s a picture of the quote from Jack’s tweet.


For those that saw that quote and wanted proof that Nassir Little actually said everything in there, the audio of the interview is below, with the full build-up to the quote included to show the full context to the conversation. The section on ESPN was initially not intended to be published, but Little gave his consent for his comments to be reported after the fact. If you want to skip ahead to the where the actual quote begins, it starts at 1:30.