Cracking a rack in the "Big TV Room"

This is the second in a series of Tar Heel themed games and activities.

Some people call it billiards, others call it pool. However you refer to it, we've got you covered with a review of these beautiful blue balls. Wait...that may have come out wrong.

The Story Behind the Object

Virtually all of my Carolina Collectibles reside in one room of our house. You could call it a man cave. Or a bonus room. Or a "Carolina Room," which is actually how we referred to similar rooms in our previous two homes. Speaking of previous homes...

The first property I ever owned (and by “I,” I mean the bank) was a townhome in the northern part of Chapel Hill. It actually may have been a condo, I can never remember. You may be wondering what the difference is between a townhome and a condo. Simple, in a townhome, you own your portion of the building plus the land it’s on, while in a condo you don’t actually own the land. So, I know the difference between the two, I just don’t know which one I actually possessed. At any rate, that residence was two bedrooms - one of which we used as a bedroom, the second was the “Carolina Room.” The Carolina room had a Carolina blue accent wall with shelves around the top to display all of my Carolina Collectibles, as well as a desk and a futon, to allow it to double as an office.

The second property I ever owned (and by “I,” I still mean the bank) was a “starter home” out in the sticks west of Carrboro. Somehow, it had a Chapel Hill address, but it was not where the true Chapel Hill folks resided. In any case, it was three bedrooms, so we again used one as a “Carolina Room” and again painted a Carolina blue accent wall in it. The third bedroom was unused space for the first year or so prior to being converted to a nursery. Our child slept in that room exactly three nights before we moved, but that’s a story for a different day.

Anyway, getting back to where I started. You could call the room where my collectibles are currently displayed a man cave, or a bonus room, or the Carolina room, but because we have small children, we call it "the big TV room." I've found that when you have young kids, you sometimes choose to say something in a manner that produces the least quantity of questions, and, subtle as the difference may be, "let's go to the big TV room" is far less likely to elicit a toddler interrogation than "let's go to the bonus room."

Full disclosure: the TV in this room is actually the exact same size as the TV in our living room, so the name doesn't even make sense. But at one point in time, this room had a projector and Smart Board screen which we used as a TV. Eventually I got tired of watching Carolina sports in standard definition, regardless of the size of the image, and replaced that with an HD TV - but the name "big TV room" has lived on.

Did I mention the big TV room has a pool table? I know what you're thinking. "Why not just call it the pool table room?" Great question. I don't know why we didn't do that. It would definitely have made more sense, but that ship has sailed.


Carolina Collectibles Description

The pool table actually brings me to the point of this post, which is billiard balls. More specifically, UNC billiard balls. My parents gave me these beauties for Christmas a couple of years ago, and they look awesome on the pool table. The table has navy blue felt, so these balls actually look a lot better on it than traditionally colored balls. I'm not sure they would look as great on a green (or other colored) felt table, but since I don't have one of those I'm personally not overly concerned with how they'd look on a different backdrop.


From a functionality standpoint, my only issue with them is that they make it more difficult to play games where you need to know the number of the ball at which you are shooting (such as Nine-ball). This is because all solids are Carolina blue and all stripes have a navy blue stripe, with the only differentiating factor on them being the number. It's just not quite as easy to find, for example, the three ball on these as it is when the three ball is bright red. The flip side is that now there isn't a bright red ball on the table in the middle of a room that is decorated entirely with a Carolina theme. I also hardly ever play Nine-ball, so that also makes this issue easier to ignore.

Carolina Collectibles Comparison: Brice Johnson

These balls are a centerpiece of the entire room. They are a focal point without being too flashy and have an All-American quality to them. They couldn’t be any more Brice Johnson if they were, in fact, Brice Johnson.

Carolina Collectibles Recommendation: 5 Stars

Despite a relatively hefty price tag, these billiard balls are beautiful and functional. If you have a pool table, these should be on it. If you don’t have a pool table, though, you can probably pass on purchasing them.