Argyle Audio (Ep. 19)

C Jackson Cowart and Sam Doughton are back after a week off with another edition of Argyle Audio. The pair reviews Tuesday night's UNC men's basketball loss to Miami (1:20), previews the eight-mile trip to Duke (9:30), looks at what the past couple of weeks have meant seeding wise for post-season play (18:00) and touch briefly on Jalek Felton's likely withdrawal from the University (24:35). They then report from Greensboro and discuss UNC's second round exit from the ACC Women's Basketball Tournament (31:10) and the future of the program in the coming years (44:05). They end with a quick hit of headlines in UNC's Olympic sports, including women's lacrosse's win over Maryland, women's fencing's ACC title and early-season woes on the diamond (52:00).

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