Can't get enough of UNC's win over Duke? We've got you covered

Can't get enough of UNC's win over Duke? We've got you covered

It was a back-and-forth game befitting of the rivalry itself — one half dominated by Duke, one half dominated by Carolina and 40 minutes of pure entertainment for everyone involved.

We were there for it all, from Kenny Williams' first three to Theo Pinson's final dunk. So here's the best of our coverage from the rivalry, from the lead-up in days prior to the highlights from last night's showdown:

How the Tar Heels toppled Duke

It didn't look good early for UNC, as Duke mounted a 12-point lead and looked well on its way to another win on Thursday. But the Tar Heels rallied, flipping the deficit and holding off the Blue Devils with a nearly flawless recipe for success — no turnovers, more rebounds and a cascade of shots. C Jackson Cowart breaks down how North Carolina won and why it matters for the rest of the year.

Kenny Williams deserves a better nickname

Yes, Kenny Williams has made a habit of scorching shooting displays before halftime only to fade away in the final 20 minutes. But the "first-half Kenny" jokes were getting old — and that was before Williams went supernova on Thursday with 20 points and six made threes, both matching career highs. Cowart says it might finally be time to retire a nickname that never really fit, anyway.

Theo Pinson rooted for who?

On Thursday, Theo Pinson was instrumental in leading the Tar Heels over Duke. But growing up in Greensboro, he was a Blue Devil at heart. Bryce Lapping says it's okay to forgive him, even if his mother probably wouldn't.

We told you this would happen...kind of

If you missed Wednesday's podcast, the Argyle Audio crew discussed the Tar Heels' best strategy if they hoped to beat Duke. We predicted they would...well, two of us did. Hear whether our predictions came true — and which one of us didn't believe in UNC.

The rivalry in focus

If a picture is worth a thousand words, last night provided enough for a memoir on the UNC-Duke rivalry. Alex Kormann captured it all, and we've got his best shots in the gallery below.