COLUMN: Getting in the Christmas Spirit

COLUMN: Getting in the Christmas Spirit

If there is anything that I can be sure of, it’s that the Tar Heels will make sure that I feel like Clark Griswold around Christmas time.

I all but took the chainsaw out when Kentucky managed to get a rebound on a missed free throw with 30 seconds left.

To be frank, as Roy tends to be after games like this one, the team that stepped on the court in Chicago today was not a good team. It was the same team that showed up against Michigan earlier this year, and the same kind of performance that gets you a second round loss come March.

From top to bottom, there just simply wasn’t much good in Carolina blue.

At best, Cam Johnson and Luke Maye proved again to be our, far and away, most consistent scorers.

We’d be better off to just run the offense through them every play, if we really want points to be scored.

At worst, everyone that played alongside Maye in the post played so daggum awful that we might as well just start four players instead of five.

Garrison Brooks lost his assignment as soon as the man stepped down to the baseline every single time, creating plenty opportunities for the former Stanford big man Reid Travis.

Sterling Manley had a good start, but fizzled out pretty quickly when he began completely forgetting to box out on defense. It’s tough to win a game when your tallest player is getting son’ed on simple defensive rebounds.

As for Nassir Little, well, all you need to know is that Coach Williams replied to the question of why didn’t Little get more minutes with, “I don’t care what the hell anybody thinks!”

Past a couple wide – and I mean wide – open dunks, his time on the court consisted of weak drives, turnovers and poor shooting decisions.

But, to shake myself back into the Christmas spirit, I’m going to try to forget all of the turnovers that occurred 40 feet from the basket and all of the open threes that we allowed. It’s the giving season after all, so I say that we try to give the gift of forgiveness to the boys for this holiday tournament game.

After all, who likes a Grinch, a Krank or a Scrooge?

And if Tar Heel fans were to be met by the ghost of Christmas past tonight, they might see a certain game in December of 2016, where a man named Malik Monk poured on 47 points and pushed the Wildcats over Carolina.

That season turned out alright, I think.

Instead of spending the rest of your holiday season complaining on Twitter about the failures of our beloved basketball team, try remembering that the guys recently went on their annual shopping trip for presents for kids that need them.

And don’t forget that they’re all a bunch of 20 year olds who are spending the days leading up to the 25th in Chicago, to entertain us instead of being with their families.

Besides, we’ve still got Davidson to learn from before ACC play, and that game will mean a heck of a lot more than December games against Stetson, Hartford, Princeton and Yale.

(Not pointing any fingers)

Merry Christmas everyone, even ya filthy animals in Duke blue.