Is this a metaphor? This might be a metaphor.

Is this a metaphor? This might be a metaphor.

Humperdinck. Humperdinck. Humperdinck.

That’s all they talk about these days, ain’t it? I am sick of it — no, sorry, WE are sick of it.

Sure, Prince Humperdinck is of a flashy sort, ready to catch your eye with the promise of future riches, but — don’t you forget — he’s the bad guy.

Yeah, he might be the most highly touted Prince since Ali took Agrabah by storm. but let’s take a look at the beauty of the REAL story we have today, folks.

Three misfits, taking over the kingdom.

The Princess Bride, circa 1987

The Princess Bride, circa 1987

A fiery-browed giant, a sharpshooting swordsman and an overall perfect human on a quest to repeat a familiar, storied ending.

What was that? Humperdinck and the six-fingered man ACTUALLY think they can win over Princess Buttercup this year?

Yeah, OK — that’s what they say at the beginning of every year.

Last time I checked, the good guys won.


Author’s Note: A special shout-out to the Princess Bride, Billy Crystal and my role here at Argyle Report (mostly-dead, not all dead).

CLARIFICATION: yes, Coach K is a R.O.U.S