Like Mike

Like Mike

While known for its athletics, the University of North Carolina set a record last night in another field: the arcade.

Michelle Liang of UNC put up a mind-boggling 148,280,430 in Space Jam Pinball— besting the world record of 110,011,080 —  at the Baxter Bar & Arcade on North Graham Street in Chapel Hill. According to, this gives Liang the world wide record in Space Jam Pinball. She was able to accomplish the feat in a span of two hours, all while being cheered on by boyfriend Luke Gutekunst and close friend Jake Barton.

Gutekunst was in awe of his girlfriend throughout the evening. A night which started at near midnight, and lasted close to 2 AM.

“I harken back to 2008 when I was watching the Beijing Olympics, specifically when Michael Phelps swam, probably about the same time, you know Beijing time, and watching him setting those records, you think, I may never see this again,” Gutekunst said.

“And then I go to this barcade, and then here I am, in front of Space Jam Pinball, and here I am. I hope this record stands quite a while. I’m so proud of her.”

Liang was a force to be reckoned with all night. She consistently drained a shot into the middle circle. A shot called the “Wabbit Hole.” This beautiful placement of the pinball is a spot which the Chapel Hill community hopes to be called the “ Meech” shot from here forward.

“Call it the ‘Meech’ shot. We’re coining that,” Gutekunst said.

Liang standing in front of her record performance

Liang standing in front of her record performance

“The Wabbit Hole” is now officially the “Meech” shot, echoed Barton as Liang’s score kept rising.

Even though she stumbled at times, Liang no doubt had a connection with Jordan tonight. She even went so far as to say  “Like Mike,” and throw a wink toward the camera.

“I think I got lucky in a lot of ways, the ball always came to the right side and I’m a right-handed dominant person. I do pride myself in quick reflexes so that definitely helped. Helped however, I had never played pinball for as long as I did tonight.”

“She’s a cat, no she’s a fox,” Gutekunst interjected.

It’s safe to say Liang made history tonight, both in the arcade and world wide. Be sure to check out her score on world wide leaderboards for Michael Jordan Space Jam Pinball.

All Images by Jake Barton