Playlist: Personal Jams

Playlist: Personal Jams

photo by Ellaina Smith

Have you ever noticed how big of a role music plays in our perception of everyday life?

During a horror movie, would you really be that scared watching someone walk into a dark barn at night if it weren’t for the score?

Or in a sports movie, in the midst of a heroic event. Would your heart really swell with pride if the trumpets and emphatic horns weren’t blaring in the background?

Music is a vehicle for attitude. At least, it is for me.

Whenever I’m working up the mental strength to do my work, I turn on music. Sometimes I get froggy and do homework to the tune of the “Pirates of the Caribbean" soundtrack.

For a lot of UNC athletes, music is a vehicle for success as well. Here are the personal song choices of some Carolina athletes.

UNC cross country athletes Caroline Alcorta and Morgan Ilse have been getting into their zone with some 90s-00s pop music lately. Even diving into some solo music from former One Direction Members.

Field Hockey forward Gab Major is listening to “feel good music” right now.

The football team utilizes music to get into the zone at the end of practice, rounding out recently with “The Show Goes On.”

UNC hooper — and Kenny Smith's son — K.J. Smith, is a Kanye West fan, while a plethora of footballers jam to Tee Grizzley.

So here is this week’s playlist, put together with the 90’s, Tee Grizley, Kanye and my personal favorites.