Kollege Kitchen

Are you looking for a new recipe to spice things up in the kitchen? Do you scour Pinterest for hours looking for recipes that you’ll save but never actually get around to trying? Or are you just looking to learn how to cook after coming to college? There’s no shame in that; everyone needs a little guidance in the kitchen sometimes. We can’t all be Gordon Ramsay or Jamie Oliver.

Perhaps you don’t think you have thyme to make the meal you’re dreaming of. Well, there’s a new video series out that’s looking to mix up your kitchen routine and change the way you look at cooking because you can’t be afraid to take whisks when it comes to food.

Kollege Kitchen is a bi-monthly video series featuring members of the Carolina Women’s soccer team, led by Jessie Scarpa and the team’s videographer, Brittani Bartok. The series will have the team showing off their skills away from the pitch where we already know they’re talented.

“The idea came about a year ago,” said Scarpa. “[Brittani] was just bouncing ideas around for a video segment that we could do to keep our followers up to date on what we’re all doing.

"She knows I’m a big food person. I love to cook. I love to eat good food. She came to me with the idea and then we got really busy so it never happened, but this year we were like: ‘Alright, we’re for sure doing it.’”

The goal of the video series is to introduce viewers to a new way to follow their favorite women’s soccer team, as well as promote easy-to-follow recipes that will make your kitchen experience a whole lot butter.

“The idea is just making healthy, quick easy food on a college budget. A lot of time, people come to college and they don’t really cook, so it’s just kind of a fun different way to give people ideas in the kitchen,” said Scarpa.

So how does Jessie Scarpa know so much about good food? It runs in her family. Her dad owns an Italian restaurant, aptly named ‘Scarpa’s Italian’ in Lakeland, Florida. “Food has always been big in my family. We take it pretty seriously, I guess,” Scarpa said.

The first episode has Scarpa making cauliflower crusted pizza while her housemates and teammates make their own personal pizzas around her.

“We got the whole house, everyone I live with, involved,” said Scarpa. “It was just a 'make your own pizza' night. Everyone bought dough and so we had a lot of fun things going on in the background and then the focus was on the actual cauliflower pizza recipe and what we were trying to put out to the people viewing.”

The first episode is impressive and you may be thinking how these girls are going to follow it up. Don’t worry, the geniuses behind these videos have a lot of grate ideas in their apron pockets to follow through on.

“We talked about having some special guests on some episodes. One thing we talked about was doing an Indian dish with Anson [Dorrance], because he was born in India, grew up there, and he loves Indian food. We’re just going to do fun, different things,” said Scarpa.

If this show was on network television I’d be on the phone right now buying a cable package just to watch. Romaine calm though chefs, Kollege Kitchen is readily found on YouTube and we all get to watch for free, whenever we want, with the option to pause as we follow along with our rolling pins and mixing bowls.

Say it with me: oh, kale yeah!

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Photo courtesy of UNC Athletic Communications