Playlist: Rivalry Week

Playlist: Rivalry Week

photo by Turner Walston

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and the skies are blue — Carolina Blue. That’s right, folks, rivalry week is upon us.

That school from eight miles down the road is no doubt working tirelessly to have their team ready to roll into Kenan and knock us down. But here’s the issue for them, we’ve found our mojo.

Last Saturday’s win over Old Dominion may seem like a cupcake victory — a win the team should've gotten — but let’s dig a little deeper. That game serves as a vehicle of momentum and could have a positive impact on the Carolina team moving forward.

Through a simple, yet telling example, I believe to have deciphered the key to the locked door of UNC's season.

Imagine wins as a locked door, with no windows, or way to break in. The only way through that door is with a key. That is how things have seemed for UNC this season, with the slightest errors haunting the team over the course of the following drives. However, last Saturday, they found the key to that door.


They found their footing, the defense had some well deserved time off of the field. And best of all, the ground game looked like an actual weapon. The Blue Devils now have found themselves with some extra film to go over, so perhaps the Tar Heels won’t be too predictable.

Here's to hoping the Tar Heels can carry that confidence into Kenan this Saturday, and leave the 15-501 Rivals in the dust.

This week's playlist was created with help from Twitter. A plethora of people said "Hell's Bells," while "Carolina In My Mind," and "Sweet Caroline," were also popular.

Without further ado, here is your playlist with some of the Twitter responses included!