Summer Jams

Summer Jams

Photo by Ellaina Smith

The dog days. At least, that’s what we call those scorching days in the thick of summer, July through August. With all the endings, and new beginnings, these days signify the end of an era.

Like a senior suiting up for the last time, you want every moment to stay forever. But also can't wait to see what new opportunities lie ahead.

 While you ponder on whether to pause or fast-forward, maybe you can hit play for a while. It's a nice day out.

So, you walk outside in the mid-afternoon. The sun is shining, fresh squeezed lemonade in hand. A new book stares back at you as you rest in your hammock.

It’s easy to slip into a daydream….afternoons with family, walking down the road just talking about the day. The dogs walk with you, and boy are they excited.

Home cooked meals are mundane, and no matter how hard you try, you can’t escape the smell of apple pie. Swimming in the night, but getting out of the pool in time to catch the main feature at the drive-in movie, all with the faint glow of fireflies dancing beside you.

Going to baseball games. Smelling the fresh cut grass and still hearing the of the crack of the bat. Getting a sno-cone and a hotdog as the day fades to night. Celebrating the Fourth of July. Shooting fireworks and watching those vibrant colors in the sky.

That trip to the beach with your family. Your mom gave you that beautiful shell, you know, the one you still have safely tucked in the keepsake box upstairs. You remember tubing on the lake. Flying over the water with the boat turning sharply, you hold on with all your strength.

Crashing you hit the ground. You've fallen out of the hammock, ending your reminiscent fantasy of the dog days of old.

All the memories still fresh in your mind as you stroll into the house to find out only an hour has passed.

Summer may be short, but we sure do fill it with a lot of memories. I don’t know about you, but I’m going to cherish my summer days.

Now to this week's playlist: Summer Jams

A broad question — "What's your summer song? — allowed room for interpretation. This assured our list to be a diverse collection of summer tunes.

To start off our playlist this week, Turner Walston caught up with a few Tar Heel football players.

Malik Carney was the first to give his summer song. "Wow. Hmm. I'm going to have to go with 21 Savage album... I'm going to have to go with . . . that's a good one. Bank Account. That's what it is."   

There you have it, "Bank Account" is a summer hit. We'll keep that one in our memory vault.

Tar Heel tight end Brandon Fritts had a different song choice, but stayed within the hip-hip genre. His conversation with Turner is below for your enjoyment.

Brandon- "Ha! This summer? You know, I'm not sure, man. That's a tough one. That's a tough one. I'd probably have to say Patty Cake by Kodak (Black). Patty Cake, probably."

Turner- "Yeah, that's a favorite of mine, too." (We have no evidence of Turner ever hearing this song at the time of this publication).

UNC linebacker Andre Smith started a trend with his selection, naming artist Tee Grizzley's "First Day Out" as his summer song of choice.

"My summer jam? Man, there's a lot of good songs out right now. I'd probably go with First Day Out by Tee Grizzley. That's a good song. You should look it up. It's a great song. Yeah, I'll go with that one."                                        

Well Andre, we did look it up. Tee has a nice flow, and personally, I vibed to the music. It'll take a few more car rides to be certain, but I think I'd recommend.

Smith's fellow defenseman, Donnie Miles, struggled with the question at first. But for good reason.  When you think about it, your summer song really is almost a personal identification. It can define a person, which may be a good sign for Carolina football’s defensive camaraderie.    

Donnie Miles- "My summer jam song? My summer jam song . . . I don't know. That's a good one. It's an R&B song that I was listening to. I forget it. It always comes on the radio and I forget the name of it right now."

Turner- "Do you want to sing a little bit?"

Donnie- "Sing it? I'm not the singing type (laughing)."

Turner- "Do you like that Tee Grizzley?"

Donnie- "Oh yeah, yeah, yeah. Everybody likes that Tee Grizzley. You should see the guys when it comes on in the weight room. The weight room is electric. That's pretty funny."

It seems Turner learned from his talk with Smith. Mentioning Tee Grizzley was a huge hit among the Tar Heels. No one would be surprised if Mr. Grizzley resurfaced again in the coming weeks.

As for our Argyle picks this week? Well, we've decided to let you try and guess. Hope you enjoy!