Playlist: Senior Season

Photo by Ellaina Smith

School has started. It’s difficult to describe the emotions going through my head.

On one hand I’m nervous about what this year may hold, but on the other I can’t wait for it to unfold. Either way, I am going to make sure I savor every moment.

I had no Tar Heel colors on yesterday, save for the Carolina Blue heart on my sleeve. It is the immense pride, and senior nostalgia on campus this week that led to this playlist having a Tar Heel theme.

The first song on this list was from UNC's Achordants. "Brandy," is the ultimate feel good song, and it helped get this playlist rolling on a high note.

I wanted this playlist to be a calendar of senior year. A musical map of how I expect my swan song to go.

It's started like a basketball game. Right now — August through October — it's pregame and I'm in the risers. The first five songs symbolize this feeling of pride, and excitement.

As things move on, we fall into that nostalgic lull, doing all we can to make the most of our time here — November through December. Thanks, Chase Rice and Mipso.

Around January it's hitting us — graduation is around the corner. We face this crisis with the Loreleis' soothing rendition of "Landslide."

We’ll grind past this though — we still have three months after all. Through the help of the Tar Heel Voices rendering of "Lean on Me," we rally back into spring semester with full force. This is our second half, folks.

The Clef Hangers serenade us with Africa, and we feel the tradition seeping into our veins. But as they near their Old Well farewell, we can see the hazy light at the end of our college tunnel.

The next three songs signify the win. We've made it, Chancellor Folt is introducing our commencement speaker — the Clefs singing "The Parting Glass."

It's over now. Four years gone. Four of the best years we have to offer. The next three songs were placed to allow some nostalgia.

Only time will tell, but I imagine this playlist will cause bouts joy and grief as the year goes on.

Cheers to a fantastic 2017-2018!