Logan, Leader

Photo courtesy UNC Athletic Communications

On a young UNC men’s cross country team, redshirt junior Logan Carroll will look to be a veteran leader not only by setting the example but being an invaluable resource to the growing runners on the team.

Logan Carroll grew up in a small town called Gig Harbor, Washington. Gig Harbor is about
20 minutes outside of Tacoma and almost directly between Seattle and Olympia. With a hometown whose population is just over 9,000 people (for perspective, Chapel Hill is home to over 59,000), Carroll came to Chapel Hill to step out of his comfort zone and grow as both a person and a runner. He was drawn to the team atmosphere which reminded him of his high school team and made him feel like he fit in immediately. Calling his time in North Carolina an awesome experience with a good group of people, Carroll plans to weigh his options after graduation with the possibility of sticking around the East Coast and potentially going back to school for an MBA at some point.

Coming into his redshirt junior year, Carroll has been able to maintain better health than in 2016,
a year that ended with an All-ACC performance at the ACC Championships. Logan says that that All-ACC finale gave him confidence after what was a poor season until that point. Due to his health being better than last season Logan has been able to put in more miles per week which has only added to his preparation for the upcoming season. With a team that can go 10 deep with legitimate competitors for the top seven spots, Carroll says training has gone really well and that their recent training camp got the team on the same page in terms of their goals for the season. Look for this team growth to push Carroll himself to even greater improvement this season.

That said, the Carolina men's cross country team is still young, and will look to Carroll, as well as the other two upperclassmen on the team, to truly set the example and lead the team from the front. Carroll admits that he is in a really lucky position on this team and that his time here has flown by. From camp he learned that the group of sophomores that return have understood their need to mature and have improved greatly in the last year leading up to the season.

"Time goes by really quickly here,” Carroll said, reflecting on his time in Chapel Hill. He went on to say that as his time at UNC comes to a close, he wants to be a leader while he can, because he knows the potential of this team, and program, to do special things in the future.

Four years is a very finite time in the totality of a running life. Logan Carroll seems poised and ready to make the most of what may be his last season at the collegiate level.