Playlist Pointers

Playlist Pointers


It’s 9 AM, Monday morning. Morale is low as the realization of another 40 hour work week seeps in.

It’s a drag to start, and nothing seems to be going right. Your coffee spills all over your desk, saturating those files you had finished Friday afternoon. The papers on your cabinet get blown into the next cubicle by your ancient desk fan. The one that rattles like a bicycle with a card in the tire.

The cleanup takes roughly 30 minutes, and the whole process is prolonged by a coworker trying to explain how well they're doing on their new diet and fitness plan.

You'd rather watch paint dry. It's going to be a looong week.

After a deep sigh, a walk to the water cooler to chat with your comrades brings a ray of light. “Argyle Playlist,” you overhear.

You are familiar with the quality reporting and enjoyable content that Argyle Report produces, but this playlist is novel.

What could this be?

Oh, that’s right. It's exactly what you need. A collection of some of the greatest songs ever recorded, compiled by the musical taste of the Argyle staff.

But wait, there’s more!

Each week will have themed music, allowing for an immersive experience into the bright minds of Argyle Report.

And if this wasn't enough, we will also be bringing on celebrity guests to help us choose the tunes-- athletes from all 28 sports.

No more will you have to wonder: "hmm What does Theo Pinson listen to before a Duke game in Cameron," or "gee, I wonder how Alan Winn finds his zone before a big men's soccer match." Because we’ll have that answer and many more on the weekly edition of Argyle playlist.

This week was a random setting, just songs we at Argyle wanted you to get a chance to hear, or just feel good tunes for you to get you through the work week.

The initial song on the list, "Harlem Shuffle," was chosen by Turner Walston. "Wouldn't it be a tease to play this song at a Tar Heel basketball game?" Walston grinned. Go ahead and listen to find out why.

Sam Doughton chose the next two tunes on our list. His broad scope of"All of the Lights," and "Dark was the Night, Cold was the Ground," is sure to keep everyone on their toes as we move into theme music next week.

It will also be tough to determine whether a song is chosen by David Allen, or Turner this year. The duo has similar musical taste, as Turner chose the next three songs "Roma Fade," "Shine on You Crazy Diamonds, and "Live Like a Warrior," while David chose, "Time's Always Leaving" and "When the Levee Breaks." Very similar choices will make for a lot of confusion come poll time. Good luck separating these two.

Associate editor C Jackson Cowart selected the next song, which I view as an all-time classic and A+ selection. "Homecoming," is a brilliant piece by prime Kanye West. No words are needed.

Adam Jordan gave us our next hit, citing the amount of hype he feels when "Mountain at my Gate," plays. He will be a sleeper for most interesting hype music down the road.

The last four songs were mine. Some random, some my favorite, and one I just can't get out of my head.

Hope you enjoy!