Playlist: Back In Town

Playlist: Back In Town

Photo courtesy Ellaina Smith

It's that time of year again. Books are being bought, restaurants are staying open a little later and the town of Chapel Hill is gaining thousands of residents. That's right, the school year is back. 

In honor of the occasion, the Argyle playlist this week is short and sweet. But we've packed a whole lot of personality into the list. Hope you enjoy!

The first song on our list comes from Sam Doughton. He went with an amped-up cover of the hit single, "I'm Just a Bill." When asked why he chose a cover, Sam responded, "The Original one has way less guitar riffs. So lame." 

Sam's approach is what I like to call "All business." His song shows us he's ready to get back in the swing of things in Chapel Hill. Fellow Argylyte Jeremy Vernon took a special liking to Sam's song choice, saying, "Bill just speaks to me, man. He really wants to be a law, and I feel that on a spiritual level." Well said, Jeremy.  

Turner Walston brought our second song this week, calling upon the timeless "The Boys are Back in Town." This was a foolproof option for Walston, setting the tone for the upcoming year. "You don't even have to mine to know this is gold," Walston said. 

Our next diddy, "When My Time Comes," is a profound song, really catapulting a listener into their deepest thoughts. You can thank David Allen as you question the existence of sliced bread on your way to work this morning. "Sip some coffee, and get lost in the music with me brother," Allen said.

Continuing his tradition of classic oldies, Adam Jordan delivered this Hall & Oates tune as his Back to School anthem. I get this selection. It's got a good beat, really positive and we can assume it's Tar Heel Blue that makes his dreams come true.

Jackson Cowart bestowed the playlist with a bit of an interesting selection. The song "Back 2 Good" sounds like a winner on the surface, but the lyrics struck me as odd. I was pondering his selection until figuring out Matchbox Twenty will be performing in Raleigh on the first day of classes. Mystery solved. 

I plan to soak in senior year, really experiencing Carolina like never before. I'm going to dig as deep as I can to figure out what being a Tar Heel really is. This is why I chose "The Dock of the Bay." Just like Otis sits on his dock, I wanna sit in The Pit, Polk Place, the Quad, just soaking it all in, one last time. 

The final song — suggested by Turner — is Carolina In My Mind. I'm not sure if a description is even needed for this one. A Tar Heel legend in its finest form. 

P.S. This is our best playlist of the year, in my opinion, and I personally am listening to it as I carpool with David Allen back to Chapel Hill today.