“Bad Movement, Bad Defense, Bad Coaching”

“Bad Movement, Bad Defense, Bad Coaching”

Roy Williams’ words, not mine. Carolina lost in inexplicable fashion Wednesday to Wofford, 79-75. The Terriers ended a 23-game home winning streak for the Tar Heels and spanked Carolina by outworking them. The Terriers forced 14 Tar Heel turnovers and were able to get free for shots all night. After a lay-up gave them a one-point lead entering halftime, Wofford kept the Heels at arm’s length for the entire second half.

Wofford led by as many as 14 points, but Carolina was able to cut the lead to three. Four times, they shot three-pointers in an attempt to tie. Four times, they missed. Cam Johnson. Kenny Williams. Joel Berry. Luke Maye. All missed game-tying three-point attempts.

Tar Heel head coach Roy Williams said his team got “fat and happy” after a big road win at Tennessee on Sunday. He was asked if the team had learned anything from Wednesday’s loss.

“Yeah, we gotta, by God, be ready to play, and not act like we’re prima donnas we’ve got North Carolina (on our jerseys) and we can walk out there and the other team is going to fold. That team out-worked us.”

Carolina (10-2) faces Ohio State Saturday in New Orleans before beginning conference play on December 30 against Wake Forest.

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