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Weekly Playlist: Food for Thought

Will Bryant1 Comment
Weekly Playlist: Food for Thought

photo by Will Bryant

There are many great things about UNC. The Bell Tower, the Old Well, Davis Library. But ye, good friends, lend me your ear, tonight I am here to tell you about the true priceless gem.

Deep in the bowels of the Frank Porter Graham Student Union, there lies a treasure, far greater than you can imagine.

It was discovered late one evening. You had just finished your homework, when you had this yearning sensation deep in your stomach.


You scoured the halls for scraps. You searched your bookbag for an extra nutri-grain bar, and even stooped so low as to think about going home to check for that extra casserole your roommate's mom left after parents weekend.

But then, a glimmering light. A flash so bright, you shy away in fear. Then, a booming voice says “784!” and your heart booms out of your chest.

The Union Wendy’s.

Like finally hearing a clank when sifting through dirt in California in 1949, this Wendy’s is gold.

I know this was a long, winding road, but I’m just here to spread the story of the nurturing study fuel spread by the union Wendy’s.

Peace on earth, and tasty fast-food cuisine to men. Here's to Wendy's, the food that keeps me alert in the midst of my late night studies.

This week’s songs come from Wendy’s Impossibly Fresh Music playlist on their Spotify account. Except for the first two: No. 1 because I love Boys II Men, and No. 2 because who doesn’t love a Wendy’s sweet tea.

(Also, leave a comment and tell me which sauce you prefer with your nuggets) Hint: The answer is honey mustard.