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Playlist: Fall

Will BryantComment
Playlist: Fall

photo by Ellaina Smith

Carving pumpkins, changing leaves, chilling weather. That’s right, folks, Fall is among us.

Sure, to some it may be just a season. An annual occurrence that is used as just a segue into the Spring. The time when life can rise again.

But to others, Fall is the pinnacle of the year. The time when the warm of the summer meets the piercing cold of winter and creates that third bowl of porridge on your skin.

You sit a pumpkin pie in the oven before looking out the window in a period of self-reminscing.

Bonfires fill the air, and you can’t help but smile as you hear the crackle of the embers as someone accidentally drops a marshmallow in it.

You see a pile of leaves, and even though you’re much too old, something deep down tells you to jump in — so you do.

The Great Pumpkin never rises from the pumpkin patch, but for some reason you still root for Linus as he waits out in that field.

Hocus Pocus is on television, and you now remember why “I Put a Spell on You,” is eternally stuck in your head.

Charlie Brown’s Thanksgiving special airs on the television, and it still brings out a laugh when Lucy pulls away that football.

Small talk with neighbors on the front lawn is commonplace, because the weather is nice, the days are a bit shorter, and something just feels right.

Hey, I’d love to stay and chat, but that Pumpkin Pie is in the oven, and I don’t want to let it burn.