Weekly Playlist: Late Night Jams

Weekly Playlist: Late Night Jams

photo by Turner Walston

Late night. A phrase shrouded with a slew of connotations, all of which play fancy to a different area of the mind.

For me, late night is a nice meal at Rams head dining hall, complete with a breakfast assortment fit for a king.

For others, late night is that special time and place that only the Union Wendy’s can fill. That limbo in time where it’s only you, and your Asiago chicken sandwich, and a six-page paper. A simple time.

Still for others, late night is a sentimental time, known for it’s smooth jazz and intricate emotional prowess. A time for love.

Here at Argyle Report, Late Night means one thing: basketball season. Specifically, Late Night with Roy. We’re strapped in and ready for Friday, but we’ve done enough sports themed songs for now.

So here, without further ado, are your Late Night Jams.

Turner recommended All Night Long, Careless Whisper, and Baker Street, and Sam Doughton brought us Goodnight Sweetheart Goodnight, Nightswimming, and The Story of Tonight.

As for the rest, those are a group of my late night favs.